Baby Ellie | Kapolei Newborn Photographer

Remember Cyndi and Joe’s maternity session with their pup Levi a few posts back? Well here is the long-awaited newborn session blog post featuring baby Ellie! Mom and dad decided to hold the session in my home-studio that week and aside from dad having to go back home to grab his dog-tags (one priority pose for mom), everything went smoothly! Baby E was very sleepy and transitioned through the poses with ease, she was one of the smaller newborns I’ve worked with so I kept telling myself I have to move in closer and push in excess layers and strings from tiebacks and headbands. The session went on for the usual 2-3hrs and we ended with the family poses. As with all of my newborn photography sessions, I tend to keep a very neutral, muted and soft tone. I love all of the soft colors, take a peek below and see for yourself!

Kapolei Military newborn Photographer
Kapolei Military newborn Photographer
Kapolei Military newborn Photographer