Miss L, Cake Smash, Severn, MD Family Photographer

Cake smash sessions are so fun! I have never done a cake smash session before so a couple of months ago I made a model call post on my Facebook in search of one year old baby girls! I had a pettiromper outfit custom ordered with a matching headband, and all I asked was for the parents to bring baby with a cake–it didn’t have to be fancy since it was going to get smashed. I decided to go with a very simple and neutral theme for her girly cake smash session. I purchased a bunch of tissue paper from The Dollar Tree and made the poms myself to compliment the pettiromper outfit. I also took a trip to Lowe’s where I purchased a sheet of plexiglass to use for the session–I may end up using it for regular infant studio sessions because I love the subtle reflection, and it’s safe! When it was time for the cake smash, Miss L was a little hesitant at first, as most one year olds are still wary of other people, but with her mommy’s help, I was able to get a few great shots! Check them out below and let me know what you think!