Discovering New Places, Howard County MD Family Photographer

Here is a more personal post, I realize that I do not make a lot of these posts and I actually should! I am going to try and blog about my family maybe once or twice a month because my blog shouldn’t just be about client sneak peaks, it should also allow you–the reader, who may be my friends or potential clients–to get some sort of insight into my every day!

On to the topic of exploring! Saturday was perfect! We woke up to amazing weather, and Seth and I had no choice but to take the kids out so they could enjoy it! I got to pick the location, and I had the greatest idea (hehe), I would choose a park that I’ve never been to and go location scouting while the husband kept a watchful eye on the kids at the playground! So we drove to a nice little park in Howard County MD…well it was nice, but it was not little! There are two sides of the park, and we drove to the side with the children’s playground. I was able to walk into a few trails and even had the whole family walk one with me during the hour we spent at the park. It is a gorgeous and quaint location, perfect for any type of session. The bridges were wooden (I am not too fond of metal bridges), and I could imagine how beautiful the scenery would be once all the leaves came in. Thankfully my iPhone has a built-in compass so I was able to determine which way the sun would set and rise–a huge important factor when deciding on location for me–and the area gets a thumbs up for morning and evening sessions! Because I mostly hold my sessions on a military installation, I am glad to have plenty of off-base/off-post locations for non-military/DOD clients or clients who just want a change.

Enough of my chatter for this week, check out some photos of my children being silly!