H {Family}, Maryland Family Photographer, Sharleen Mey Photography

This past Saturday, I got to spend some time with a wonderful little family! Dad (I like to simplify my life and refer to clients as “mom, dad, baby, son, older brother, etc.”) is actually my husband’s co-worker (thanks for the referral, sweet husband!) and he asked his wife to check out my page. So she sent me an email stating that they haven’t had family photos done in a while and needed a family photographer so we had our session planned! On the day of their session, as we walked into the trail, I was surprised to learn that the “H” family has never had a family portrait session done outdoors! With that new information, I had to make sure that I would try and make this session memorable (but of course, I do this with all of my sessions 😉 ). Well, with a toddler (20 months) in tow, sessions are usually very unpredictable and I just have to usually “go with the flow”–so that is what I did! I was able to sneak in a few posed shots before we had to let the little man do his own thing! I usually have a mental list of poses to knock down with family sessions, but with children under 4, the list rarely gets executed in order, haha…Check out a few of the sneaks below, it was a slightly overcast and warm Saturday morning, with the sun peeking through the clouds every now and then…which means it was a PERFECT day for photos! Enough of my rambling, enjoy!