Morning, Evening, and Everything in Between, Maryland Family Photographer

Hi everyone! Here is my first official informative post, and it’s all about choosing a time for your session. Being a family photographer, I know all too well how clients usually schedule their sessions around their child/children’s nap times. Honestly, the best times for children usually clash with the photographer’s preferred time (we’re talking about outdoors, on-location photography) depending on the time of year. During the darker, colder months, scheduling sessions around 3:00pm is not a big deal–however try scheduling that during the summer, very rare! Most photographers (myself included) yearn for those fleeting minutes right before the sun falls over the horizon, or we set our alarms for when the sun starts to reveal itself in the (very) early hours of the day. If you look through my blog posts/portfolio, you can tell right away that I am utilizing the sun in the evenings, it is my preferred time to shoot and although I do shoot over a handful of morning sessions, they contrast from my evening sessions.

I’ve compiled a collection of images to give you an idea of what the tone of your photos will most likely look like if you book a session with me around these times. I’m also working very hard on a Client Welcome Guide which I will provide to prospective clients and have a physical copy on hand (along with my physical portfolio) for my client meet and greets (so you can see differences, pricing, packaging, and what to expect).
This post is exceptionally helpful to our Summer Mini clients as Jessica and I will be shooting throughout the day!

The photos shown below were taken during various hours of the day and no additional fill light/reflectors were used.