Spring & Summer Revisited | Honolulu Family Photographer

I can’t believe it has almost been a year since my family and I made the trip (by car…never again!) down to D.C. for the cherry blossom festival. We arrived pretty early (around 9:00am) and parked a good mile or two from the tidal basin but wow, it was packed! It is definitely a sight to see and we will be returning once more this year before we take our leave from Maryland. This post is pretty much a recap from last year’s Spring and Summer–meaning I finally got around to editing them and saving them for print lol. I am not sure what types of prints I want with these photos (a few of the images shown below have already been printed and hung around the home), I love albums so I’ll probably just create a less traditional album and keep it more casual since it will look like a hodgepodge of photographs all shot at different times of the day.  I really enjoyed going through these photographs and editing them while looking over my shoulder every now and then to see how much my kids have grown. The girls have really developed their own style and Liam doesn’t look like a toddler anymore. I will be posting their Fall session in a couple of days as well, so enjoy this revisit and be on the lookout for their last Fall in MD!