Is Studio Photography for you? Fort Meade, Maryland Photographer

Have you been considering booking a studio photography session? I don’t necessarily have a studio, it’s more like one of my extra bedrooms upstairs reserved for newborn sessions. What I love about the room is that I can keep it closed and turn the space heater on to make it nice and toasty for new babies. Although the room is sufficient for newborns, I cannot hold family sessions in it–which is fine for me because I prefer families to be interacting outdoors rather than pose uncomfortably indoors. I keep my studio in a very neutral, organic, and natural setting. I rarely use props, invest in a variety of patterned backdrops, or stylize studio sessions because I feel that in such a confined space, the focus would be taken away from the subject. Recently, I decided to change studio rooms from one bedroom to another and I am now working with 100% natural light! With continuous bulbs, I would always have to mess around with my white balance post-processing because of the slightly green hue that would cast itself on photos. Now, my Kelvin setting is consistent in my camera and I don’t have to change the temperature once I import into Lightroom.

What age group is appropriate for my studio? Well I would like to keep it to five years and under due to the limitations of my space! And finally, for those who do decide on my Basic portrait package, I do give the option of doing the family pose outdoors in an enclosed trail by my home and bringing the child/children indoors for more organic poses like the ones seen below.