Cropping Guide – Sharleen Mey Photography

Cropping Guide for Prints

You have your images ready to be printed, now what? There is no right or wrong way to crop an image, but there are a few compositional rules to follow to ensure all eyes are directed at the most important part of the photograph.

All images created by Sharleen Mey Photography come in the industry-standard 2:3 (3:2) ratio, also known as the lovely 4 x 6 crop. This allows for ample cropping when it comes to choosing a print with a different ratio, without taking away too many important details on the photograph.

Here’s a little visual on popular aspect ratios for prints:


Ask yourself these questions when it’s time to print your images:

  • How am I going to display these photographs?
    • For example, 1:1 (square) crops work well along side 5:4 (think 8 x 10) crops.
  • Will the crop compromise the composition of the image?
    • Make sure important aspects of the photograph won’t be eliminated from the final print, such as: corner sun flares, an important part of the background, etc.
    • Keep the crop balanced. Make sure the emotional impact is displayed and don’t intentionally crop out limbs and joints.
  • Is the crop too close?
    • Cropping in too closely will result in the image looking very “fuzzy” when printed. Keep horizontal photographs horizontal, and vertical photographs vertical.

Remember that I am more than happy to give advice on cropping as well as help you design a wall grouping to display your prints!