Haze be Gone | Hawaii Child Photographer

When I took this image last year, Lightroom had yet to introduce their “Dehaze” slider. Now if you know me, you know that I try to avoid haze when I am shooting. Sometimes there’s not enough background elements to filter out the light and you end up with a hazy image. I could’ve probably re-positioned myself, but it was April and cold–we had little time!

So this image needed a lot of work (to me it did), and I mostly edited in Photoshop using the Patch and Clone tools for a majority of the editing. I’ve mentioned it in the last Image Tutorial post, but my Wacom tablet is seriously awesome for stuff like this. Speeds up my workflow like a boss and it’s more precise than working with a mouse. Let’s see what I did!

SOOC: ISO400 f/2.2 1/1000 85mm

Step 1: Dehaze! Already makes a big difference adding more detail and contrast back into the image. A little goes a long way.
Honolulu, Hawaii Child Photographer Pose at SunsetStep 2: Edit and Brush. For the brush pin on her eyes, I added clarity and contrast as well as upped the Whites to make them pop a little bit.
Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-02Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-03 copyTutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-04Step 3: Brought the image into Photoshop and cleaned up the wind-swept hair on parts of her face. Most of the cleaning was done with the Patch tool.
Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-05Areas like the edges were done with the Clone tool…
Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-06Step 3b: After cloning this specific area, I used a Liquify layer to push in and smooth out her cheeks so everything looks uniform.
Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-07Step 4: I used a combination of Curves and Levels layers to brighten up her skin and give it a softer look. I like to invert my edits and brush on the effects at a low opacity. I also opened up a Hue/Sat layer and reduced the reds on parts of her face and arms.
Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-08Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-09Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-10Step 5: She has a patchy area of discoloration on her cheek where the strays of hair used to be (from a combo of patching/cloning and where the sun hit her face) so I made a color selection by holding down ALT (PC) with the paint brush tool and chose a color on her face. I switched that layer from Normal to Color and set it at a low opacity as I brushed the discolored area.
Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-11Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-12Step 6: I flattened and saved the above image, it went back into Lightroom and I added a slight vignette. Remember to hold down the ALT (PC) key to see your edit.
Tutorial-Hawaii-Children-Photography-Pose-13All done!
Honolulu, Hawaii Child Photographer Pose at Sunset