Image Tutorial – Fall Weather | Honolulu Maternity Photographer

It’s finally Fall! Well, we don’t get to see an awesome change here in Hawaii, but we do get cooler-ish temperatures and more trade winds. This tutorial is for all of my mainland readers who get to experience the wonderful comfort of boots, leggings, oversized sweaters, and beanies.

While Fall weather is all great and wonderful, there are downsides–such as cold wind, and many overcast & dreary skies. As photographers, we make do with what we have because the time window of colorful leaves pretty much comes and goes.

With this maternity session, the time window shortened even more–we had already rescheduled her session once due to rain! In this particular image, it was taken during late afternoon and the sun (covered by the deary skies) is to her camera-left–no backlighting this time.

Let’s go through the steps on making colors pop and lifting shadows when you’re faced with deary Fall weather.

SOOC: ISO800 f/2.5 SS 1/320 135L

Step 1: Basic editing to warm up the image and remove the yellows from the leaves. I also boosted vibrance and saturation to bring out the plums in the image. Added a very slight peachy color to the highlights on the image with split toning.
Fall Belly Image, Honolulu Maternity PhotographerImage-Tutorial-Fall-Honolulu-Hawaii-Maternity-Photographer-02Step 2: I softened her skin a bit with a reduced Clarity brush in LR (while adding a teeny bit of sharpness and noise to keep details on her skin) and lowered the highlights in some areas that were too bright.
Image-Tutorial-Fall-Honolulu-Hawaii-Maternity-Photographer-03Step 3: I transferred the image to Photoshop and used my helpful Patch tool to smooth out the wrinkles and lines on her shirt. You just select, and drag.
Fall Belly Image, Honolulu Maternity PhotographerFall Belly Image, Honolulu Maternity PhotographerStep 4: Time to reduce some of the harsh shadows! I opened up a Curves layer, bumped up the midtones, inverted and brushed where it was necessary (mainly her eyes).
Fall Belly Image, Honolulu Maternity PhotographerStep 5: I merged, created a duplicate layer and used the Patch tool again to reduce the harsh shadowing under her eyes. Here’s the trick, you will want to (pretty much need to reduce the opacity of your edit by FADING. To do this (PC) you will hit CTRL+SHIFT+F and a lower opacity = less dramatic edit.
Fall Belly Image, Honolulu Maternity PhotographerStep 6: I added a Solid Color Fill Layer and chose a peachy beige color. I did this to boost the image overall and the color fill adds a soft bright touch to her skin. Do this by setting the later to Soft Light at a low opacity. I then added a tad of contrast with the Levels layer.
Fall Belly Image, Honolulu Maternity PhotographerFall Belly Image, Honolulu Maternity PhotographerAnd that’s it!
Fall Belly Image, Honolulu Maternity Photographer