What’s Happening over at Sharleen Mey Photography?

I know, I’ve been putting off typing this post for many months but the move and how fast summer went by just took over. I have made the decision to temporarily put my portrait business on hold here in Hawaii. What happens to my social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) accounts and website now? Well, I have mostly updated all pages to make it geared towards day-in-the-life images and portraits of my children, but still plan to be very active in the photography community and will continue to learn all I can as well as work on projects. Here are some I have brainstormed:

Project 365: This project started in January 2015 and although I haven’t really been keeping up, I am still posting weekly when I can. This means that my 365 won’t end on January 2016, but it’s my project and I am OK with that. I will continue to post to my 365 blog every Wednesday evening.

Sharleen Mey Photography, Honolulu Family Photographer

Film Fridays: Haven’t you heard? I have recently begun shooting film! It is so exciting and definitely challenging but rewarding at the same time. Film is a whole other world and there’s so much to learn. I plan to share a scan or two on Fridays accompanied by image settings, film type, and lab. You’ll find an introductory post about why I decided to start this project and my collection (which I plan to grow, lol) soon!

There’s a particular section of my blog that is new and I am really excited about it, it’s called “For Photographers.” I have gone back and forth in my head before deciding to include this session. Am I qualified to teach others? Is there a magic “number-of-years-as-a-photographer” qualification I need to fulfill before offering tutorials and advice? Honestly, I just want to give back and share what I have learned along the way and what works for me. I plan to share before & after image tutorials, posts featuring a different lens, tips & tricks, and anything I happen to figure out along the way.

Hawaii Family Photographer, Sharleen Mey Photography

Does this mean I am completely going to stop photographing subjects other than my own family? Nope. In fact, I plan to set up model calls for sessions every now and then to keep myself focused and inspired. There’s nothing worse than not picking up your camera every day and shooting!

I think that’s about it, thank you for keeping up with me and reading this post. It feels great to get it all out there, and gives me motivation to keep myself accountable for what I have planned.