Fresh 48 & Newborn Session Information

Fresh 48 and Newborn sessions are huge milestones in an expecting family and here’s a little information on how the process works at Sharleen Mey Photography…

I gotta say, there is something magical about newborn sessions.  Those sweet little toes and fingers, fresh newborn scent, and a body to squish–they are life’s little treasures! Photographing them makes my day and that is why I have chosen to take on no more than two or three a month to give them my utmost attention.

Fresh 48 & Newborn session information for Hawaii Lifestyle photographer

Planning for your Fresh 48 and/or Lifestyle Newborn Session:

1. Once you’ve contacted me about photographing your Fresh 48 session and/or newborn session, we can set up a tentative date based around your due date. Because babies typically come on their own time, once you have delivered you can then contact me to set up the actual session.

Fresh 48 sessions are held in the hospital. Here, I will document the little details about baby as well as capture moments between parents and siblings touching and holding baby for the first time.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are held in the comfort of your home. I focus on a relaxed, prop-free session style and will only have a few blankets and wraps with me. If baby is sleeping when I arrive, I will capture minimally-posed sleepy shots. Afterwards, I will focus on documenting baby and his/her siblings & parents in their environment (no staged backdrops).

Newborns are best photographed within the first 7-12 days of birth as they are still very sleepy, can be easily posed, baby acne hasn’t appeared yet and any signs of jaundice have faded as well. So be sure to contact me as soon as possible to book your session. In my years of photographing babies, they look completely different week-to-week, so it’s best to capture them at their newest stage in life.

2. My Fresh 48 and newborn sessions typically take 1.5-2 hours. Because of this I typically schedule newborn sessions in the morning, around nine or ten. Babies also tend to be sleepier at this time of day. I am not shooting the entire 2 hours. Much of this time is spent switching wraps, changing clothes, getting baby fed or diaper
changed/cleaning up messes and soothing baby.

3. Babies are best photographed on a nice full tummy, so shortly before I am set to arrive please feed your baby. It is okay if you are still in the process of feeding when I arrive as I have to bring in and set up my studio as well. I am usually photographing in a VERY warm environment, so please expect baby to have extra feeding time during and after the session.

4. I photograph babies without any clothes on, sometimes with a diaper, but otherwise completely naked. Clothes take away from showing how tiny and different newborns are within their first few days of life and also makes it more difficult to capture tiny details such as hands and feet and the umbilical cord stub. For this reason please have your baby wearing only a diaper when I arrive.

5. If Mom, Dad and any siblings are going to be in any shots I suggest wearing simple, light and comfortable clothing for shots. Solid, neutral colors work best with keeping the focus on baby.

If you’re ready to learn more about your custom Fresh 48 and/or newborn session, please contact me as soon as possible as I typically book Fresh 48 & Newborn sessions around the 20 week pregnancy mark.