Project 365 Days 1-7, Maryland Family Photographer

Happy New Year! Yes I realize that I am a week late making that announcement but I’ve been battling a very bad cold and I am finally starting to feel better :). Most of my clients already know, but I have decided to take a very large step back from my photography business this year to focus on my family’s move back to Oahu, Hawaii (psst, if you know anyone there…tell them about me!), and focus on my family as well as work on a few personal projects. With that being said, I am starting my first ever Project 365! What is a 365 you ask? A 365 is where you take and post one photo a day for an entire year, and depending on the host, there can either be set rules or a free for all. The particular Facebook group I am in has no rules when it comes to using a camera (so it can either be your cell phone, point and shoot, or DSLR), but there are daily themes and you absolutely do NOT have to follow those themes :). I am so excited to work on this personal project, my goal is to capture more real moments of my family–something I missed out on during the ever-busy Fall photography season rush. Although I am sharing my posts through my private group on Facebook and Instagram, I’ve decided to also make a blog post every seven days to share with all of my readers. To hold each other accountable (because I’ve read many stories about how people just stop and don’t complete their 365’s), my dear friend and another family photographer, Jamie of Precious Stones Photography has decided to join me in blogging our week! I think that 2015 is the perfect year to start my 365…with my move from Maryland to Hawaii I’m sure I’ll be capturing lots of interesting moments throughout the year. Enough of my chatter, check out this week’s collection of images from January 1st-7th!

Day One: Smile
Day Two: Books
Day Three: Pink
Day Four: Goofy/Joy
Day Five: Meow (It was supposed to be laughter but I completely overlooked it and mixed up the themes!)
Day Six: Fruit (My second child, Caleigh, always brings home the fruit from her lunch at school and gives them to me as a “surprise”…she’s a complete sweetheart!)
Day Seven: Clouds

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to head over to Jamie’s blog HERE to check out what she’s been up to!