Project 365 Days 113-119 | Honolulu Family & Child Photographer

Week 17 is up on the blogged and I am all caught up! If you would like to re-visit previous weeks’ posts, you can  view them HERE. It’s amazing how in the span of seven days we went from an empty house in Maryland to visiting my in-laws in Indiana. I’ve been asked a few times what I would like to do while I’m here and honestly, I just want to relax and de-stress from all the moving and traveling. The kids are definitely enjoying their stay here at their PaPaw’s house and of course they’re spoiled rotten with candy lol. I do love how they’re able to play outside in a huge fenced in yard which was something we didn’t have in our home in MD. Oh if you’re wondering how Maple is holding up….she’s going pretty great! A little skittish, but that’s in her nature :).


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