Project 365 Days 127-133 | Honolulu Family Photographer

Week 19 of my Project 365 recaps our vacation in California. Previous weeks can be viewed HERE. We all had such a great time in CA catching up with family members, enjoying great food, and surprising Kirstyn with a small early birthday celebration since we will be in a hotel with no familiar faces on her actual birthday. I love how the last day of Week 19 captured the end of our vacation in CA. I will definitely have more to write about for Week 20’s post…for now, here’s my week in photographs :).
SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week19-01SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week19-02SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week19-03SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week19-04SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week19-05SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week19-06SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week19-07Thanks so much for checking in with me weekly and don’t forget to see what Jamie has been up to HERE.