Project 365 Days 134-140 | Honolulu Family Photographer

I’m here, and I am finally blogging Week 20. If you’d like to check out previous weeks, they’re all organized and can be viewed HERE. So Week 20 officially documents our first seven days back on Oahu! All but one of the images have been taken around or at the Navy Lodge except for the lone image which documented our day spent on Hickam Beach. We have a home–although we can’t move in until June 2nd so I’ve been out of it. I just want my space and for things to get back on track so I can regularly blog and I have a feeling my kids need it too because they’ve been acting a little bit crazier than usual. We are still waiting for our SUV to arrive and that kinda stalls me from wanting to travel around the island as well since I want to be able to load up the trunk with our beach gear and not worry too much about getting the car too dirty. I am glad we are living in Honolulu this time around, we are close and convenient to a lot of great places!

SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week20-01SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week20-02SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week20-03SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week20-04SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week20-05SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week20-06SharleenMeyPhotography-Honolulu-Family-Child-Photographer-Week20-07Thanks so much for checking in with me weekly and don’t forget to see what Jamie has been up to HERE.

Oh, and please welcome Amie Brady of Amie Brady Photography who will be joining myself and Jamie for our weekly 365 blogs! You can see what she has been up to HERE.