Project 365 Days 15-21 | Maryland Family Photographer

Three weeks in, I am going strong! As a natural light photographer, I am always trying to look for the best light possible and winter in Maryland makes it challenging ;). I am a lover of soft, diffused light with hints of shadow to contour my subject so overcast days and window light is my most favorite aspect to shooting indoors. When you look through my images from the past seven days, you will see that I have gotten a little more creative on certain days. A lot of you have asked what I am processing my images with and the answer is Adobe Lightroom 5! I do not go into PS at all for my personal images unless I need to do heavy cloning, all of my creative edits are also done in Lightroom. Although I am somewhat proficient in Photoshop, my mind just clicks with LR and it is my editing program of choice. I tried freelensing in one day and it was very difficult but I do love the result (I had about a gazillion throw away images and a couple of keepers haha)…maybe I will rent a Lensbaby and try it out to get that “tilt-shift” look. I’ve also been playing with dramatic lighting in a couple of my black and white images with my second daughter, Caleigh. She has so much spunk and personality making her the perfect subject for my more “dramatic” shots. Finally, I am SO GLAD it snowed on Wednesday! It was the perfect kind of snow too–not too powdery soft, and not too ice hard–so the perfect type for making snowmen and snowballs. I thought it was the perfect way to wrap up my third week of January seeing as how my girls are always bickering and arguing, but here they are working together and having so much fun :). Check out the images below!

Day 15 – “In My Bag” These essential items are always with me to get me through the day and make sure I don’t miss a shot (using either my smartphone or big camera!).

Day 16 – “Freelensing Friday” This was the freelensing I was telling you about, I love the soft slice of focus!SharleenMeyPhotography-365-Week-03-02

Day 17 – “Black & White” I love outdoors black and white–the wind and cold made this a great conversion in my option ;).SharleenMeyPhotography-365-Week-03-03

Day 18 – “Shadows” One of my thought out “creative” shots. I had a vision of the shot in my head and I love how it turned out!SharleenMeyPhotography-365-Week-03-04
Day 19 – “Shine” Again, more dramatic lighting and creative processing to emphasize Caleigh’s shiny hair, sparkly personality, and that mischievous glimmer in her eye.

Day 20 – “Chiclets” Liam’s adorable shirt (Circo brand at Target, did I mention I am obsessed with Target?!) reminds me of the little Chiclet gum I enjoyed chewing on back in my elementary school years.SharleenMeyPhotography-365-Week-03-06

Day 21 – “Teamwork” You wouldn’t imagine how much they argue and cry over each other every day with the amount of dedication and work they are putting forth in creating this snowdude ;).SharleenMeyPhotography-365-Week-03-07

Thanks so much for checking in with me weekly and don’t forget to see what Jamie has been up to HERE. Until next week, see ya!