Project 365 Days 162-168| Honolulu Family Photographer

Welcome to Week 24 of my Project 365 for 2015. I went over a bit of new changes with this personal project last week but I am going to talk about it a little more. In the beginning, I was posting the day’s photograph in multiple outlets: I would first post it on my personal Facebook, then the 365 group I was in, and Instagram as well as uploading it to Flickr. That sounds awfully tedious right? Well it was! For now, I plan to just upload to my blog and share the link to my various social media platforms. Now let’s recap the past week…

Seth and I took the kids to the annual Hawaii State Fair! It was the 50th one, and they had a great time. I thought it was a little pricey compared to other state fairs but hey, it’s Hawaii, everything is pricier here :). Ever since our trip to California, Kirstyn has been taking an interest in gardening thanks to Grandma so we’ve been working on some starter seeds and they’re finally blooming. We are going to get some gardening tools this weekend and work on our lanai area and front porch which will be fun. I’m still here unpacking boxes, I hate doing it but I’ve finally got all the toys set up in their rooms and they’ve been playing upstairs while I get to relax a bit and work on new ideas for the blog. We have a long Fourth of July weekend coming up and I hope to get more settled in, it still feels weird and I do miss Maryland but I remember feeling that way when I moved to MD from HI in 2012, I’m sure once the kids get back on schedule with school and extracurricular activities we will be all set.



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