Project 365 Days 22-28 | Maryland Family Photographer

Week four! What has been going on the past week? I’ve been pretty occupied with planning and preparing for my sister’s visit (I picked her up from the airport last night and she will be here for about a week and a half, I think you will be seeing some of her in my next’s weeks photos ;)), and of course the girls didn’t have school this past M-T so that has been interesting. I love my girls, but I just love how quiet it is when they are being productive at school and not at home arguing or bickering haha. You will notice that I am in a couple of the images for this week’s round up of photos. I already plan to follow through my project and my end reward will be me making a beautiful lay-flat, professional coffee table album at the end of the year. I want each and every photograph of my 365 to be memorable so I think about what I am going to shoot each day. So far I haven’t missed any days, but if I feel that I am just shooting to get a photo for the day–I will not shoot. This album I plan to create will hopefully last for generations and I want to be seen in them so I have to remind myself that I don’t have to be “picture ready” at all times because this is real life I am shooting (most of the time haha). I want my kids to grow up and look back at the album and say “Oh mom, I remember when you went through that crazy hair phase” or “Ew mom, why did you put me in those clothes” LOL. Basically I want to preserve these memories of my everyday and sometimes following a theme helps and other times I just shoot in the moment and make up my theme for the day. I gotta say, I do love using my smartphone as a shutter-release and having the option to control focus point, adjust focus, ISO, shutter speed, and aperture is just plain awesome! My new goal is to try and be in at least one photograph each week–so if I don’t meet that goal, feel free to give me a gentle reminder ;-D.

Day 22 – “Daughters” Yup, this is the life haha.
Day 23 – “Lounging” Love my little independent kiddo!
Day 24 – “Weekends” We are total homebodies!
Day 25 – “Fierce” Caleigh’s lookin’ fab with her new ‘do!
Days 26 – “From Above” One of the girls’ off-days from school. Definitely had to keep them occupied that day ;).
Day 27 – “Sleep” I found Liam asleep on the couch with the iPad and when I saw the light shining on his face, I knew I had to capture his long lashes and squishy lips!
Day 28 – “Fringe” I was actually pretty occupied all day (had to prep for my sister’s visit) so when I took this photograph for an online photography workshop I am currently taking, I knew it would make a great 365 photo!
Thanks so much for checking in with me weekly and don’t forget to see what Jamie has been up to HERE. Until next week, see ya!