Project 365 Days 36-42 | Maryland Family Photographer

Here’s a recap of Week 6 from my Project 365. If you want to revisit the previous weeks, do so HERE :-). Yet another cold week here in MD, so lots of indoor captures again. Side note: I had a complete blog post typed out and WordPress decides to timeout on me for some reason, and it’s all lost…so now I am sitting here trying to remember what I was chattering about. My creativity was lacking this past week with it being so busy. I did have an in-home client family session on Sunday and it was wonderful. I’ve found the balance with limited client sessions focusing more on personal work very rewarding. I am excited to wrap up their gallery and send it to them this weekend. I will also be making a few changes to my website and Facebook this weekend as well. Mostly changing words here and there to gear it towards the city I will be moving to this Spring. Anyway, check out the photographs from the past seven days below…feel free to leave any comments–they are always appreciated :).

36/365 – “Tunnel Vision” (We were waiting in the pickup line at school for big sister)
37/365 – “Infinity” (Did you know I am a knitter ;), this is my first cable project–I love it!)
38/365 – “Mommy & Me” (I need to find more creative ways to get in the photographs with my kids each week)

39/365 – “Hands”SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week6-04

40/365 – “Paint” (This one was a quick capture before heading out to a photographer’s social dinner…I was pressed for time and just clicked!)SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week6-05

41/365 – “Counting” (Schools closed for inclement weather so I had Caleigh work on counting 100 jellybeans to put in the bag for her 100 Days of School)SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week6-06
42/365 – “In the Air”

Thanks so much for checking in with me weekly and don’t forget to see what Jamie has been up to HERE. Until next week, see ya!