Project 365 Days 50-56 | Honolulu HI Family Photographer

Hello again! Week 8 was full of snow, staying at home, and playing with a new lens. If you want to check out the previous weeks, please do so HERE :-). My mind has been all over the place lately but I will go in this order: thoughts about snow, my new lens, moving, and business thoughts. So…I am SO over the snow, I know most of you can agree with me right? My kids don’t even want to go out and play in it anymore haha, I’ve been checking the forecast daily and it looks like we will finally get some Spring weather in a couple of weeks. On to the lens…I recently purchased a Lensbaby Spark…and I am still getting used to it! It’s a completely manual focus lens so it’s hard trying to use it on active subjects like my children but I am having a lot of fun so far. You will be able to see which images were taken with the Lensbaby by it’s unique blur effect, I am excited to take it with me on my travels this Spring. Speaking of travels, so after a lot of whining and pouting (LOL) I’ve finally come to agreeable terms with my husband about our family move. We plan to leave Maryland on the 26th of April, road trip to Indiana and hang out with the in-laws for a week, then drop our vehicle off at St. Louis, MO, and fly out to Oakland, CA where we will stay for another week or so and finally fly out to Honolulu. I am in complete moving mode right now and along with getting our home ready for a move out (i.e. throwing a bunch of crap away haha), I have been thinking about my business plan over in Hawaii. I have a marketing plan set, and within the next few weeks or months you will be seeing some branding changes over at Sharleen Mey Photography! I want to cater to my new location, but still keep my tastes and style similar…so the changes will be somewhat subtle and still be dramatic…I can really type about it forever so I will end it here :). I really do appreciate each and every one of you for checking in with me weekly, if you need someone to hold you accountable for your 365, feel free to comment or email me and I will link your blog as well to make sure you post weekly ;).

50/365 “New Toy” (hint…it’s the Lensbaby!)
51/365 “No more snow please”SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week8-0252/365 “Color Block”
SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week8-0353/365 “Before Bedtime”
54/365 “Dreaming of Warmer Weather”SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week8-05
55/365 “Six”SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week8-0656/365 “Royal”
Thanks so much for checking in with me weekly and don’t forget to see what Jamie has been up to HERE. Until next week, see ya!