Project 365 Days 57-63 | Honolulu HI Family Photographer

Week 9 is officially blogged! Do you notice anything different? My website has received a huge change and I love it! It took me all week to get it to where I want it to be and I couldn’t be any happier. I just need to work on a few image and icon changes on my Facebook page now. I plan to re-launch my Google+ page once we settle in our new home in Hawaii as well as order new marketing materials. If you want to revisit week eight or other weeks, please do so HERE :-). This past week’s photos are full of the kids hanging around the home. All of these inclement weather days and two-hour delays has us thrown off the loop and I’ve become lazy in the creativity department. I just realized six out of the seven day’s photographs are black and white–that usually means I was lazy and took the photo at night lol. The girls officially have a four-day weekend since school is closed tomorrow for the six inches of snow we have on the ground today, we will definitely need to plan an activity outside of the home this weekend or everyone is going to go crazy!

SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week9-0158/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week9-0259/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week9-0360/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week9-0461/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week9-0562/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week9-0663/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week9-07Thanks so much for checking in with me weekly and don’t forget to see what Jamie has been up to HERE. Until next week, see ya!