Project 365 Days 8-14 | Maryland Family Photographer

Wow, I can’t believe I am already two weeks in! It has been so fun and challenging just thinking about what photo am I going to capture for the day. I am amazed how we are already halfway through January, I am not a fan of cold weather/winter and this Project 365 is passing the time in such an awesome way. This week’s “themes” were a little harder for me (remember how I don’t have to follow the theme, but I want to try and stick to it ;)) so I challenged myself a little more creatively. I’ve had a pretty fun time playing around with different compositions, crops, ratios, and edits as well. This is all personal family work and wouldn’t necessarily apply to my client work. I have learned so far where my favorite place to shoot in my home is and that I don’t need to convert every single indoor, house-light images to black and white, yipee! Jamie has been doing really great as well and I am happy to have her here with me on this journey. Check out my week below!

Day 8 – Selfie (I was really out of my comfort zone for this one!)
Day 9 – After Dark ( is part of our nightly before-bedtime routine)
Day 10 – Green (My son LOVES kitty cats ;-))
Day 11 – Obsession (My girls are obsessed with Shopkins!)
Day 12 – Routine (Working on my knitting while waiting in the school pick-up line)
Day 13 – Eyes (Gooooogly eyes hehe)
Day 14 – Animal (This was purchased yesterday and is already looking well-loved!)
Thanks so much for checking in with me weekly and don’t forget to see what Jamie has been up to HERE. Until next week, see ya!