Project 365 Days 85-91 | Hawaii Family Portrait Photographer

I am a little late blogging Week 13, but hey, it’s Spring Break and I’ve had my hands full with the kids all week! Liam recently became obsessed with the character Toad, from Super Mario Bros so I surprised him with a few plushies ordered off eBay. He was so excited and those little things sleep with him every night, it’s so cute. Not much to write about this week as I am keeping myself busy with the move and trying to squeeze in events with friends…we are moving in less than twenty days and there is still quite a bit more that needs to get done! Anyway, here’s my past week in pictures and if you want to revisit previous weeks, please do so HERE.

SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week12-01-286/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week12-02-287/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week12-03-288/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week12-04-289/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week12-05-290/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week12-06-291/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week12-07Thanks so much for checking in with me weekly and don’t forget to see what Jamie has been up to HERE.