Project 365 Days 92-98 | Hawaii Family Photographer

Week 14 is finally blogged! I am running a bit behind on scheduling my posts as this move is creeping up on us, but I’m still taking photos every day. I will keep the next few posts very short and just bombard you with photographs of how my week went. If you want to know a certain story behind each photograph, feel free to comment :). For previous weeks, please view them HERE.

SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week14-0193/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week14-0294/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week14-0395/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week14-0496/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week14-0597/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week14-0698/365SharleenMeyPhotography-Project365-Week14-07Thanks so much for checking in with me weekly and don’t forget to see what Jamie has been up to HERE.